tisdag 11 april 2017

Utvärdera källor med hjälp av CRAAP

Efter påsklovet påbörjas några lektioner i engelskan med fokus på utvärdering av källor, källhantering och hänvisning. Även informationssökning kommer ingå. Här är en poster som kan komma väl till hands. 

måndag 27 mars 2017

Q&A-session with Sam in Alaska

Sam is standing outside and he is showing us the nature there. There is a glacier only one mile from his house. He loves the outdoors and he likes how its not to crowded. 

He has a passion for taking pictures, it comes from wanting to be able to see the beautiful things infront of him again. He takes pictures of the nature and also a lot of pictures of his kids. 

He has never seen a polar bear in the wild, they don't really live close to him

Global warming - the permafrost close to the ocean is starting to melt. Cities are falling into the ocean and communities are starting to flood. A friend of him has started to see flowers growing up in the north of Alaska that have never been seen there before, they think it’s the global warming that is allowing this. 

He is asking questions about Borås and how it is to live here. We are telling him thats its raining a lot and that its not that warm. 

He is also telling us that he is about to visit Sweden with his family pretty soon. 

He is recommending us to visit Alaska and he is telling us about funny things to do there, like fishing and hiking. 

Sam are telling us about a day when he was trying to ride dog sleigh and how hard it was to stand up the whole time. He is laughing while he is telling us the story. 

fredag 24 mars 2017

Q&A with Dean Vendramin, Catholic school in Canada

We just talked to the teacher, Dean Vendramin, at a Canadian Catholic school. His students

weren’t present because they had a day off but we got short videos from them earlier this

week where they told us more about Canada and their life. We asked him if the school

accepted non Christians and people with immigrant backgrounds and he told us that the

school accepts student from all over the world and that both the school and the city they live

in are multicultural. They were also very accepting of people who identify as LGBTQ,

something that he seemed really proud of and something that surprised us since it was a

Catholic school.

The school accepts people of other religions but Dean said that they often experience a

cultural crash because the school takes their religion seriously and practises it at the school.

Dean had a passion about teaching his students computer technology and he told us all

about his work with his students, he also showed us their projects that he seemed very

proud of.

We really enjoyed talking to him as he was a really nice teacher and person. We really look

forward to connect with his students next week when we are going to send them facts about


Groups 4, 5, 6 NA16F

måndag 20 mars 2017

Lecture about Kenyan food culture and recipes

Our 6th and final call was with a man from Kenya, we didn't hear his name because his accent were hard to understand, and us being half asleep didn't help! He worked with local farmers and he had good knowledges of key an food culture. He then started a long presentation about food, and which sort of food that is common. The call was a guest lecture which means that he wanted to teach us about the food culture in Kenya. After about 30 minutes of him talking we asked him what he knew about Swedish foods. He did't know much about it so he asked us what kind of special Swedish ingredient we eat the most. We answered as good as possible so he could understand. Then one of our teachers said that we should say goodbye because the time was up. He started to quit his presentation and then we ended the call!

/Kajsa, Sara, Hanna, Liv, Padena, Sanna, Wilma, Carl & Cornelia - SA16P.

Guest Lecture with 3x Olympian Emily Cook

This was our fifth call of six, but because it was so late at night everyone was very tired of course, but not Emily Cook! She had that kind energy that you could feel through the screen! Emily Cook were there to talk to us as a guest lecturer and she told us that she lives in the US. We started of by presenting us and then Emily described her career. She competed in aerial skiing and she has won the olympics three times and the national championship six time. She told us that she started skiing when she was only four years old. Right before her first olympics - she broke both her feet, but we don't know if she competed that year. She aslo told us that she is now coaching and doesn't compete or train herself. We then asked some questions for her - id she ever crashed while training and if she has a particular reason for helping people al over the world (she is doing charity work - according to her webb-page). Emily said that she has had some big crashes over the years, but she always learned from her mistakes and tried again. According to her, it's harder to watch crashes as a coach because she can't do as much as when she was training herself. She means that she can control how she will take the crash - if she will be angry or positive, or if she will learn from it or do the same thing again. She can't do that with someone else. The answer to the question about helping others - she responded that she was raised by only her father. Emily's dad had a lot of people helping out and as she said, "she was raised by a village". She said that she had/has a lot of role models in her life and they inspire her to give back and this is one big reason to why she does what she does. She also said that she feels better about what she does for a living - she wants to leave a mark on the world, even if it's just a small one. We then asked a final question before saying thank you and goodbye. We asked if she's ever been to Sweden! She said that she hasn't but she would like to visit sometime. She has been to Norway and Finland though.

/Kajsa, Sara, hanna, Liv, Padena, Sanna, Wilma, Carl & Cornelia - SA16P.

Q&A with a Pastor

Our fourth Skype-call was with Désirée Harton Gold and she its in St. Paul, Minnesota, US. This was a Q&A. She stred by telling us why she became a pastor and she studied religion in Russia while she was in collage. She started going to church when she was only 4 years old. She told us that she doesn't like Trump and that she didn't vote for him. She has always been a christian and has been a pastor for 14 years. The lutheran churches where she lives are very bug and she told us that there is a lot of women in the baptist church. The best part of her job is to meet people but it's also the hardest part. People come to talk and get a advice from her. She had served three churches and according to her each of them were very different.

/Kajsa, Sara, Hanna, Liv, Padena, Sanna, Wilma, Carl & Cornelia - SA16P.

Mystery Skype with North Plainfield High School

Our third call was with a school class from New Jersey, US, the name of their school was North Plainfield High School. This was a mystery Skype and they asked us a lot of questions but had a hard time figuring out where we lived. They told us that they were affected by the big snowstorm nearby New York and they had a lot of snow. It was a calm call and they weren't too loud like som of the other classes. It was fun talking to them but the conversation sometimes died because we both ran out of questions. We both tried to figure out where the other was on the map which created silence from time to time. They were the first to figure out our location. It was a fun Skype.

/Kajsa, Sara, Hanna, Liv, Padena, Sanna, Wilma, Carl & Cornelia - SA16P.

Mystery Skype with the Broadway High School

This was our second Skype of the day:

This was a Mystery Skype with an American school called Broadway High School, and it's located in Harrisburg, Virginia. The class was a rhetorics class with students in different ages, they were between 14 and 18 years old.

In a mystery skype you're supposed to figure out where the other one lives. They figured out rather quickly that we lived in Sweden, mostly because of Pernillas name. Since we knew that lived in the USA it was really hard for us to figure out where they lived, because the US is a really big country with many different states. As the call went by we started to come closer to where they were and we figured out that they lived on the east coast. It was harder for them to try to guess that we lived in Borås, but we gave them a hint that we lived close to a big city. Accidentally a teacher actually revealed our place, but we think that they didn't hear it, which was good. After we gave them the hint they started to ask if we lived near Stockholm, which was wrong, but then they guessed we lived in Gothenburg which was the better alternative. We were still a little bit stuck while they were getting closer to our location, but we did figure out that they lived near Tennessee. Finally we figured out that they lived in Harrisonburg in Virginia, after they figured out that we lived in Borås.

We started talking about what we thought of Trump and the American students had som different thoughts about him. Some of them thought that he was good and some of them didn't like him. One guy said that he liked Trump because he had a lot to offer America. They also asked us what we thought of Trump. We answered that we think he's a sexist and rasist. Other topics we talked about were the school food and also our CSN and they were shocked when we told them that the school lunches are free and that we get money to go to school. They could almost not believe it! They told us that they had to buy their school lunches and that it wasn't nutritious. Almost everyone were very happy with this Skype-session!

/Kajsa, Sara, Hanna, Liv, Padena, Sanna, Wilma, Carl & Cornelia - SA16P.

Mystery Skype with the United States

Country:           United States
City:                  Illinois 
School:             Michelle Obama school of technology and arts
Type of Skype:  Mystery-skype

The first call was a mystery call with a school class in the 8th grade. They said they didn't live on the east or the south so we could figure out that they lived on the north or west side of the United States. They said that they were located on the north-west side. They didn't live narthex capital but they lived close to Indiana. Then we could figure our that they lived in Illinois. We asked them for a hint so they told us that their city's name started with a P and that it's two words. Then we found out that they were located in Park Forest.

Then they started to ask us questions about where we come from. They asked us if we lived in Gothenburg and we answered that we live close to it. We gave them a hint and said that we live between Gothenburg and Jönköping so it would be easier for them to find out where we live. Then they found out that we live in a town called Borås.

It was hard to talk to them because they all talked at the same time. We had to ask them to quiet several times so we could ask them questions and answer theirs. They asked us what the time was in Sweden and they were shocked when we told them it was 4 pm. They were curios about why we were still in school so we told them about the event.

/Kajsa, Sara, Hanna, Liv, Padena, Sanna, Wilma, Carl & Cornelia  -  SA16P.